Ogilvy Opens Shenzhen Office to Capture Opportunities from China’s Silicon Valley


Ogilvy Opens Shenzhen Office to Capture Opportunities from China’s Silicon Valley

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Ogilvy China today announced the opening of a new office in Shenzhen, a city widely regarded as China’s Silicon Valley, naming Angela Chou as the office’s Managing Director.

“Shenzhen is an extremely exciting market,” said Chris Reitermann, CEO of Ogilvy China and Co-CEO of Ogilvy APAC. “We are seeing a new generation of global tech players emerging in Shenzhen, and we hope that this new office can be a hub facilitating their access to our global Ogilvy and WPP network for their global branding efforts. Following Ogilvy’s Next Chapter strategy to create a connected organization and client-centric structure, our Shenzhen office will be staffed with some of our best Chinese staff along with global experts experienced in global brand management, and together, they will work seamlessly to make brands matter.”

Reitermann added: “We are living in a golden age for Chinese brands going global, which could prove to be as huge as the globalization of Western brands in the 1980’s. It’s an unmissable opportunity for a company like Ogilvy. Angela Chou is a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience in global brand marketing and Chinese client management. I am fully confident that under Angela’s leadership, together with our clients, our Shenzhen office will champion a new form of global brand management best suited to serving the needs of Chinese global brands. ”

Angela Chou, Managing Director of Ogilvy Shenzhen, said: “I’m thrilled to see the office finally open after one full year of preparation. It’s my privilege to witness and facilitate the globalization of Chinese brands. Ogilvy Shenzhen is unique among Ogilvy offices. It will serve as a hub of expertise that provides clients access to the best Ogilvy resources from around the world, and bridge differences in culture, talents and creativity to give Chinese clients the best service possible.”

Contact details of Ogilvy Shenzhen Office:

Ogilvy Shenzhen
Phone: +86-755-8333 0896
Address: 01A, 35F, Centralcon Tower, No.3088 Jintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Business enquiry: Angela Chou,[email protected]

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