Visit Britain

Great Chinese Names


Visit Britain wanted to drive Chinese tourism to the United Kingdom. What better way to do this than involve Chinese tourists in the process?

This cross-disciplinary and content-driven campaign, led by Ogilvy PR and [email protected], captured the hearts and imaginations of Chinese tourists around the country, indelibly connecting and involving them in the fabric of the United Kingdom and creating a dynamic online community of creative and excited fans.

Jeremy Webb

National Director, [email protected]
My favorite part of the Great Chinese Names campaign may have been the uber Beatles fan. We sent him to the United Kingdom to name iconic Beatles sights he had always wanted to see, like Abbey Road and Penny Lane! It was great to fulfill a dream, while creating great content at the same time.

Cannes Lions

Two Gold, One Silver

Effies Greater China


SABRES Asia Pacific

Platinum, Best PR Campaign in the Region
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